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 Wieson Technologis Free of Conflict Minerals Declaration

In recent years, the social and environmental problems arising from the raw materials and processes used in the manufacture of products has gradually become a deep concern of people around the world and minerals originating from the Democratic Republic of Congo has worsened the armed conflict in this region. Wieson does not directly purchase metal raw materials and understands that the majority of our suppliers have not direct purchasing relationships with mining companies. We also understand that we have the opportunity as a company to have a positive impact on this issue. Therefore, we have adopted the following measures.


Wieson has already added the non-use of conflict minerals to its supplier green product policy to ensure that the above conflict minerals are not used in Wieson products.

(1) Wieson suppliers must fulfill the social and environmental protection responsibilities.
(2) Wieson does not accept conflict minerals originating from the Democratic Republic of Congo (hereinafter referred to as Congo) or other surrounding countries and regions.
(3) Wieson suppliers shall trace the origin of all products containing Cobalt (Co), Gold (Au), Tantalum (Ta), Tin (SN) and Tungsten (W) to ensure that these metals do not come from conflict mineral regions.
(4) Wieson suppliers shall pass these requirements onto other upstream suppliers.