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"5th Generation Mobile Protocol Antenna Design and Measurement Seminar" Held by Wieson and Jinwen University

On May 22, 2019, Wieson and Jinwen University jointly held the "5th Generation Mobile Protocol Antenna Design and Measurement Seminar". The conference focused on 5G from international observations and domestic issues.

2019 is a key year for 5G commercialization. The early commercial network deployment and operation will promote the first wave of 5G related equipment to be launched one after another in order to meet the objectives of telecom operators. The close cooperation between upstream and downstream supply chains will be the key to 5G success. 5G is the fifth generation of mobile phone mobile communication technology, and is also an extension after 4G. In the future 5G network environment, the amount of data from mobile devices and Internet of Things (IoT) will increase by a thousand times. If relying on LTE technology, we’ll face with a lack of bandwidth and coverage, and antenna performance will become the bottleneck of wireless communication quality.


The seminar was held by Wieson CEO Jeff Chen as the opening theme for the application and challenges of the 5G industry and millimeter wave antenna (mmWave). Then, Dr. Chen I-Fong from the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of Jinwen University, explained how to strengthen the antenna design capability and measurement equipment with 5G as the core, and promote the smooth operation of 5G network to achieve high-speed wireless data transmission efficiency.

Finally, Dr. Huang Chung-Pin, the technology chief of Wieson, used the high-speed cable and connector analysis required for 5G future end products as the ending.


In 2019, the technology industry is a crucial year. The 5G industry is about to accelerate the application of products such as Internet of Things, ADAS, and high-frequency communications. The Networking industry will face an unprecedented industrial storm. Soaring technology is high in the flood of 5G industry. The research and development capabilities of frequency antennas and high-speed connectors will be one of the key factors. In the future, Wieson Technology will be able to assist customers in providing high-frequency antenna technology and shorten the time-consuming process of mass production.