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Wieson SFF TA-1002 PCIe 5.0 connector released for server and storage solutions

With SFF TA-1002 PCIe 5.0, the speed per channel is increased to 32GT/s. Besides, Gen-Z-E-PAM4-50G-Fabric can be realized under relatively loose technical restrictions.

In addition to DRAM main memory, Gen-Z can also be used to connect processors and SCM storage and memory, GPU/FPGA, etc. By introducing Gen-Z Switch, it can also realize the universal interconnection of multiple resources


SFF TA-1002 PCIe 5.0 features include:

.Pitch 0.6mm
.85ohm differential impedance design
.Data rate: up to 56Gbps PAM4, 32GT/s NRZ
.Support power and high-speed signal transmission


Connector specifications 

Item Foot pin Lanes
Vertical  1C 56 X4
Vertical  2C 84 X8
Vertical  4C 140 X16
Vertical  4C+ 168 X24
Vertical With shell  1C 56 X4
Vertical With shell  2C 84 X8
Vertical With shell  4C 140 X16
Straddle Mount  4C+ 168 X24