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WIESON announces Next-Generation DisplayPort connector for 80Gbps High-Speed data rate application

DisplayPort™ (DP) standard specifies an open digital communications interface for use in both internal connections, such as interfaces within a PC or monitor, and external display connections. Suitable external display connections include interfaces between a PC and monitor or projector, between a PC and TV, or between a device such as a DVD player and TV display.

DisplayPort™ (DP) is an industry standard to accommodate the growing broad adoption of digital display technology within the PC and CE industries. It consolidates internal and external connection methods to reduce device complexity, supports necessary features for key cross industry applications, and provides performance scalability to enable the next generation of displays featuring higher color depths, refresh rates, and display resolutions.

The specification is divided into three categories that reflect the ultra high bit rates 10 (10Gbps/lane), ultra high bit rates 13.5 (13.5Gbps/lane), ultra high bit rates 20 (20Gbps/lane).

Table. 1. DP Main-Link System Parameters

Date Rate Symbol Parameter Nom Units
System Parameters
f20 Ultra High Bit 20 20 Gpbs
f13.5 Ultra High Bit 13.5 13.5 Gpbs
f10 Ultra High Bit 10 10 Gpbs


Mated Connectors Specification

Table. 2. Mated Connectors Electrical Performance    
Mated Connector Requirement Comments
Insertion Loss <1.0 dB 0~10GHz
PS-FEXT <-30 dB 0~10GHz
TDR 85 ± 10 Ω Rise Time(20%-80%)=25ps


Mated Connectors Simulation Model

Fig. 1. 3D model for DP connector

(a) Insertion Loss



(c) TDR


Fig. 2. Mated Connectors Electrical Performance. (a) Insertion Loss. (b) PS-FEXT. (c) TDR.