Wireless Components

Wireless Components

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Wireless Application Business Unit (WABU) has specialized in RF antenna design, manufacturing and sales. 

In order to improve our performance to satisfy market demand, Wieson has successfully developed low noise, low consumption and multi-band products and the better manufacturing procedures, such as 4G LTE antenna, LCT antenna and MLI antenna, to maximize the efficiency and minimize the antenna size. 

We are not only fully equipped with the RF facilities (e.g. Microwave communication laboratory, 3D printer & vector network analyzer), but also highly capable of customer design in EMI and RF solutions.
Wieson will be your best RF co-op partner! 


 Antenna Design Technology Capability

(1) 5G mm wave Chamber


(3) EM-Near Field Chamber

(4) WiFi Throughput Chamber


(5) ETS-Lindgren 3D Far Field Chamber

(6) 3D Printer

(7) Far Field Chamber

(8) Spectrum Analyzer


(9) Network Analyzer

(10) Shielding Box






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